Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Are Adopting

For those of you who don't already know-
We are in the paperwork, home study, fundraising phase of bringing home our daughter from Ethiopia! I wanted to interrupt the "regularly scheduled" posts to point you to our adoption blog at
- the link is also in the right margin from here on out. And if you head over this week, I've actually got a giveaway- like I'm foreal blogger or something! Oh, and I'll just be honest, I'd love it if you'd "follow" by hitting that button in the margin of the minus one orphan blog, it's weird how encouraging it is to see that people are actually following our journey, and the encouragement gives me renewed vigor when those days of "I must be crazy" hit! We covet your prayers and so my blog will be updated more frequently than this one to give specific ways you can be praying and if you feel so led, donating or participating in our fundraisers. We are beyond excited and just like any other parents expecting a child, just love sharing it all!

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