Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crockett Davis Asnip

My sweet 12 year old cousin, Crockett Davis Asnip, had his homegoing April 10, 2008. The pastor used that expression at his funeral a week ago and I love it. Crockett's life is remembered as one of deep meaning and worth. You see, Crockett never developed cognitively beyond that of a three month old due to a rare form of epilepsy as well as other medical problems. As his dad put it, the family's life may now be easier, but not better. I had always known they had great faith and a Godly perspective on Crockett's and all their children's lives, but to hear my uncle and his oldest son share at the funeral what the Lord had taught them through Crockett and to watch them at this difficult time opened my eyes to its depth. What a joy we have in knowing Crockett now has a perfect body that can now walk and run, a mind that can form words and cause his mouth to speak, and eyes that someday will recognize his family when they are reunited. "For we do not mourn as those without hope" 1Thessalonians 4:13