Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ruby's 2!

One week ago tonight, my one and only little girl turned two. Although this is my first blog, I'll make it short as I'm using this mostly as a way to do a year in pictures to sort of let everyone catch up who hasn't seen her over the past year. She's quite the "little girl" now. Many of the baby things are disappearing replaced by toddlerness. We now have hair long enough to put in pigtails and "curlies" as she puts it (or should I say "ask" for it every time she sees me do my hair now). There's the broken sentences to replace broken words- although oftentimes the words blur together to sound like one run-on word. The other day she even suprised me by counting to eleven. Instead of crying in order to get attention she breaks into her ABC song because she knows it will draw all eyes towards her in amazement. I am thankful to still have lots of cuddles, arms held up saying "carry you" (she often uses the pronoun she hears me speak to her to ask me to, for instance, carry her), and new girlish ways of showing affection. For all the ways in which she's changed I still find myself staring at her as if it was the first time I realized I have a daughter! I am amazed at the joy she brings and how blessed I am by her. It has been a great second year!