Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a Birth-WEEK!

Ruby turned 4 this January 22! She had a whole week of festivities! Can you believe all those presents in the picture above! She is way into princesses and dress-up! Her grammy keeps the dress-up wardrobe stocked and spares no detail in each costume- this birthday it was a cowgirl complete with pink hat, pink light-up boots, and a pink pony! At one point her daddy told her that cowgirls say "howdy partner," so she came upstairs to tell me she was a partner and that's what the outfit is now called- her "partner" dress-up! And she says it with quite the twang. The great thing about this ensemble is that each of its components can be worn with something else...
below, with jammies! But her fave is the vest, panties, and boots! Nothing else, just that! I didn't want to include that picture, but I can tell you it would make you laugh your boots off! (P.S. those jammies are a gift from her Aunt Ellen, they came with the book and are illustrated to go along with it, Ella the Elegant Elephant- our new favorite book, you should read it!)
I copied the tradition of a pancake shaped as the number of their birthday and it was a big hit (thanks Mer!) You can see her other quirk, she holds her hair back instead of keeping in the clip or hairbow or what-have-you that I put in her hair! She knows how to tuck it behind her ear but prefers to walk around holding it out of her face!
Another tradition we started last year is a trip to Build-A-Bear. This year she chose a frog and picked a fairy outfit, complete with panties! It's fun to indulge in anything she picks on this of all days, but we drew the line as she started to want a skateboard, stroller,and bed for this frog!
The RUF intern, Rachel, has a birthday just a few days before Ruby so we planned a joint surprise bowling party (since Ruby considers the grad students her friends, and those have become Rachel's friends too!) This was her first time bowling and it was a real hit!
They even share a love for the Little Mermaid, or "Lil lermaid," as Ruby calls her. So the birthday cake had Ariel and everything! A night to go down in the memory books!
Ruby is a fun girl! Her dad and I are always marveling at her constant joy! Now that she has been a big sister for almost a year we see that her sweetness is more patient and consistent than we could have imagined! The maturing from 3 to 4 is amazing. She is fun to talk to and is such a thoughtful little girl. We are so proud to be her parents and though we wish we could stop the clock, we look forward to all the years ahead! We love you sis!