Sunday, July 11, 2010


One year and four months ago we brought home this sweet baby boy. His official name is Lincoln Matthew, but we are those kind of annoying parents that actually end up calling their children some weird pet name. I don't know how we got to be those parents! Ruby is used to all of her pet names, so I wanted to give some aforethought to baby brother's even before he was born. Most of Ruby's names stem from "pook-a-loo" (I am so embarrassed just writing that out, looks and sounds ridiculous!). So, I wanted something kinda rhym-y, match-y! Bug-a-boo fit the bill. Well bugs/buggy and many other names I won't mention as I am already thinking of retracting this whole post- turned ONE YEAR OLD! I promise we really did celebrate on his birthday.... I miss a lot of things already, like the angelic sweetness that I could gaze at anytime, because he slept in a cradle right next to the bed. Now I have to sneak into his room, which doesn't happen much because his old door sticks and creeks so badly.
He was a finger, fist, wrist sucker for a few months. He never took to a pacifier, but it was so cute how he would try to stuff any and all of the above into his mouth.

Ruby still overwhelms him with attention, but he was so innocently unaware at first and never protested! Even with toys layered up to his chin!

I already miss some of the cute little clothes. Sure, boys clothes are not as fun as girls, we all know that. But, it is fun to have difference in our home! (grammy made the cute number shown above)
His personality is so strong, so sweet, so playful, so mischievous in a good way- and it was such fun to see it develop. It still is actually. As I said above, he never took to a pacifier, but he is known to carry any number of things around in his mouth- animals, balls, Ruby's tube of lip gloss- and inevitably leaves a trail of drool behind him! lovely

He got the celebratory number pancake and got a big kick out of it- look at how he's pointing to it!

A fabulous first cake complete with a birthday crown! He devoured it and made really cute "um-yum-num-num" boy noises too.

We love you so much Linc! We can't gush enough about our delight at being blessed with you in our family! Though I miss the days that have passed, I eagerly expect to be thrilled with each new day I get to spend with you. P.S. your sister would like to tell you that she is so glad to have a little brother and loves you so much (she really does, it is amazing how much she does)

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Ashley and Ryan said...

I loved this post Hannah. How precious he is! We miss you guys and I look forward to catching up with you on the phone when you come back from the beach. Love you!