Sunday, July 10, 2011

Elton, Easter, & Elvis

Not loving the background of our "formal" Easter portrait, but you do what you can with two sugared up and silly kids in an effort to not get those white outfits dirty before church! If he looks like trouble to you, you would be right. He is trying to contain himself after posing with his new sunglasses and now without! Said sunglasses are hilarious on him. The moment he put them on Jason commented that he looked like Elton John, and now that's all I can think of when he puts those things on! I think Linc gets the joke too, because he always poses so funny with them on!(see pic below) And Ruby looks gorgeous as ever, she is quite the poser these days!

We enjoyed Easter "alone" as we had been traveling a lot..... for job interviews. Though it has been months ago now and those few "followers" I have already know- Jason accepted a solo pastorate at a small church near the birthplace of Elvis- who knows where this would be? Yes, Mississippi (I still have to sing-song that in my head to get the spelling right!). Tupelo, to be exact. The church is actually in Saltillo, like four miles outside of Tupelo. We traveled here twice, the second time for the church vote and found a house in one day and within a matter of weeks got a loan, packed up our stuff in WV, closed on said house, and have moved in!

God is so good! He has proven His faithfulness again and again. We feel His leading here and are enjoying the peace that brings to our weary spirits. Though the past months have been difficult, we have always known He was at work. We were blessed through that time, truly. I praise God for what He has shown me of who He is and how He cares for me and for my family.