Friday, June 11, 2010

Ruby's White Dress

Now these pictures are really hard for me to post unedited! But, true to my word, I am trying to just catch up to the current date and activities! This one is actually out of order, because on New Year's Weekend some student's with RUF got married. Ruby was the flower girl and Jason conducted the ceremony. Can't believe I didn't get any with Jason, but, clearly, my attention was on Ruby. I knew Jason wouldn't muss his clothes, make weird faces, or generally make a spectacle of himself. Now, Ruby, that's another story. She is a very good girl, you just don't know what you're gonna get when you put a four year old in a white dress, with a basket full of her favorite thing-flowers, in front of a room full of people and ask her to walk down a long aisle at a certain pace then stand there even for a short period of time.
She did it all wonderfully! I think she was in awe of the whole thing, she'd only seen weddings on her Disney princess movies! Oh, the marvel on her face, and the good it did to remind of the wonder of this whole thing called marriage that starts with one special day. Ruby thought her dress was pretty great, but when the bride put on her dress, Ruby exclaimed, "mommy, she gets to wear the BIG white dress and be the bride!" I think I better start saving now!

It was a gorgeous day, with soft fluffy snowflakes coming down all day. The toughest part was her hair. We should've practiced more! We ended up curling it like three times and it still didn't maintain the curl! She got tired of pictures so the smile is forced and the body language says enough is enough! I still think she was the most gorgeous girl ever....

...and managed to maintain her sense of humor! She is one crazy lady in a white dress!

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asnipofgoodness said...

Hannah, she is so pretty, and those blue eyes, so beautiful, just like yours! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! aunt amy