Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lincoln's Baptism

As I was preparing for Lincoln's baptism I anticipated that it would be lower key than Ruby's and felt much more focused on what it meant. How special it was going to be seeing that it was on Father's Day and it would be Jason's first time to baptise someone, and his own son! I imagined a blog with beautiful pictures and eloquent rhetoric of the sacrament of baptism. Maybe someday I can share the beauty of this sacrament with you, but for now I must be honest about how it really played out..... This past year our church has started using actual wine glasses with wine or grape juice for communion instead of the usual mini "shots" in a tray. (please take note in above picture) The communion table is lined with the glasses. It was in front of this table we were to stand for the baptism. As soon as I realized this I subtly tried to push Ruby in front of me or at least further from the glasses. Just when I thought we were safe and Jason was reading a beautiful scripture (at least I now know it was beautiful, for I was having a hard time concentrating on the words given the situation at the time)- Ruby decided it was time for a gorgeous flourish of the hair. You know what I'm talking about- the kind you see girls do on TV in slow motion- using their arms to flick back the hair. Ruby was especially dramatic as she was in front of a lot of people. I can say this, I feel particularly thankful that only one wine glass was hurled to the floor spraying its contents all over the side of her white dress and the carpet before it shattered on the floor, and that my gorgeous superstar was not injured. And to add to it she immediately looked at me and said in desperation, "I'm sorry momma" in that way where you feel like everyone must be thinking your child is entirely too scared of you. And..... deafening silence. If only someone would've laughed! I just didn't know what to do, I could care less about her dress, but felt the need to start scrubbing the floor. Well, the rest proceeded without a hitch, but Jason and I admitted later we had a hard time focusing as there was still a whole table of glasses behind us! Linc was happily unaware. By the time church was over, Linc was asleep and Ruby could be bribed for one smiling picture. But this truth still holds, my God and his promises to me and my family are steadfast and unchanging even when I am distracted and the wine is spilt.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

He's been replaced....again

In February I found this on my stairs (they've taken to hiding together while I vacuum)

Then, the other day I found this while I was getting ready in the bathroom

(Yes, that face on Ruby is her doing the huff and puff of the three little pigs)