Friday, December 11, 2009

snow, snOW, SNOW

Almost a week ago we had our first snow of the season, and on a Saturday, so it was extra fun because we were able to meet friends (and their dogs) at the park to play. I was a bit disappointed when Ruby made her snow angel the "right way," as opposed to last year when she dove head first, face first into the snow and made them on her belly! I have tons of pictures, but refrained from sharing them all- including: Ruby helping roll snow into the body of a snow man only to destroy them as soon as we started to build (can you tell her BFF is a boy!), lots of running with the dogs, and throwing snowballs. I will never tire of the first snowday (notice I didn't say "snow" in general because come February and March and I'm still homebound due to snow I do not sing the same tune!) It is so beautiful and such a joy to watch the kids discover it.

And what did baby brother do? He stayed cozy and tried to take it all in, keeping an eye on his big sis the whole time. He really didn't get the full experience of the snow, seeing how I didn't exactly want him crawling in it, but we still call it his first!